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Mkomazi National Park

Maasai village at Marwa

South Pare Mountains

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South Pare Mountains

We are happy to provide tour packages to our guests for walking tours to Ranzi Dam or the Ikongwe village tour.  Before you reach the dam, you walk through Mkwakweni village, where you will learn about traditional healers and how to make local brew (dengelua).  Then you explore some local caves and proceed to Heiganda, Duma Viewpoint for a view of Mkomazi Game Reserve.

You can extend your visit by spending nights at Tona Lodge or stay with a family.  You can also travel from the Elephant motel to Chome Village where the youth guides organize the tour.  Local attractions includee:  the Namoche Valley (scene of a victorious battle against the Maasai), warrior's graves, German ruins, waterfalls and the King's Stone.  This huge rock was used to lie children upon with an offering of milk and many prayers when children were born with what was believed to be unfortunate attributes - left-handedness and even the arrival of upper teeth prior to the appearance of their lower teeth.

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